K10 Group Ltd are established, high end property developers operating in prime London locations including Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

With many highly regarded projects in operation today, it is also important to reflect back on the K10 Groups previous achievements.

The K10 Group Ltd have been involved in many spectacular projects including one lateral apartment in One Hyde Park, a complex property with a unique style. One Hyde Park is one of the most iconic works of architecture that London has ever seen, forming a unity between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. Designed by pre-eminent architect Richard Rodgers, K10 were fortunate enough to develop one of the grand apartments. The work of K10 focused on delivering the very best in luxury living, exposing the enormous lateral interior of the building to cutting edge design and new styles.

With a fast growing portfolio, K10 Group Ltd are tackling evermore increasingly challenging projects on significantly larger scales.

Another K10 project worth mentioning is Doughty House. Named after Elizabeth Doughty, the property is a stunning development on Richmond Hill overlooking spectacular views of the Thames. Despite both the house and the 125-foot-long gallery being Grade II listed, K10 Group Ltd produced innovative ideas to renovate the 45,000 square foot property whilst keeping it one of a kind.


With attention to detail, years of experience and an in-depth understanding of properties, K10 Group Ltd have become the successful company they are today.